Nordic Testing Days – digital on June 4th 2021

This is deja vu – the virus situation in Estonia leaves us currently no other choice but to move forward with Nordic Testing Days in a web-conference setup. Even if the lockdown restrictions would be lifted, many of the speakers and participants will not be able to travel on such short notice and unpredictable development of lockdown.

The content team has prepared crisp and focused one-day program with parallel tracks. The schedule will be up shortly.

Having a web conference does not need to be a boring day in front of TV. We’re planning on providing ways for you to interact during the talks. We’re in process of selecting the best vendor to provide the experience that is worth the NTD that you’re used to. I’m sorry that probably we’ll have to skip the party, though.

Last year’s tickets will be valid both for the web conference this year and Nordic Testing Days 2022 according to the purchased package. We appreciate your patience and loyalty. Having this year’s web conference for free is one way we can at least try to make up for not being able to join us in the flesh.

Nordic Testing Days 2022 will happen on 1-3 June, 2022. We will remain optimistic – see you there as well! Until then, let’s meet up on the web on June 4th for the digital edition.