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Call for papers is closed

As of October 31 the call for papers is closed. The content team would like to thank everyone who took the time and made the effort and submitted their proposals. It's you who really make up the conference. The content team just has to put together the right mixture, add a bit of magic, whisk together the workshops and talks in a way that would make it difficult to choose the track to attend. We've browsed through some of the proposals and we are mighty excited! It was also a record year in terms of the number of proposals, so the content team will have their hands full. Also, there were proposals coming in from 21 countries (in case you're interested in statistics).

So for now... we'll keep you at the edge of your seats for a while. The official deadline for announcing the program is the New Year's Eve (December 31, 2014). If we can get the program finalized, we certainly won't hold back. Until then... we're going to cozy up in Estonia with cups of tea and coffee (it's going to be cold here) and read through the proposals while trying to figure out how to put together the most awesome Nordic Testing Days yet!