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Call for papers to Nordic Testing Days 2015 is open now!

We know this is the day you have been waiting for ever since Nordic Testing Days ended in June or since you read about how awesome Nordic Testing Days was this year. Despair no more! The call for papers to Nordic Testing days 2015 has been opened and you are welcome to submit your proposal (or two.. or three...).

The conference theme this year is "Agents of Change". An agent is someone who acts, someone who "does something about it", someone who applies himself/herself, someone who makes things happen. We hope you feel kinship with this concept. We certainly do. So agents who make something happen are likely to change something, drive things, lead someone, actively influence others.

We hope this theme will tickle your brains and make you think about what you do as a tester.


Are you an agent of change?

If yes, get on with the proposal! Tell us all about it and help others to become agents of change!

The call for papers is closed October 31, 2014. Don't worry, we'll keep reminding you where we can when the deadline is drawing near.

Announcements about accepted proposals will be sent out by November 30, 2014.

We intend to end the year with a big bang and announce the conference program December 31, 2014. Just in time for fireworks and champaigne, right