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Eric Proegler

Eric Proegler has worked in testing for 17 years and specialized in performance and reliability testing for 14. He is a Senior Manager of Test Engineering for Medidata Solutions in San Francisco, California.

Eric is the Vice President and Treasurer for the Association for Software Testing. He is also the lead organizer for WOPR, the Workshop on Performance and Reliability. He’s presented and facilitated at CAST, Agile2015, Jenkins World, STARWEST, Oredev, STPCon, PNSQC, WOPR, and STiFS.

In his free time, Eric spends time with family, runs a science fiction book club, sees a lot of stand-up comedy, seeks out street food from all over, collects beer growlers, plays video games, and follows professional basketball.

You can follow Eric @ericproegler, or read his infrequent blogs at