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A story of building a unicorn in a no-QA organisation, told from the quality assurance perspective.

In my IT career, I transitioned from manual tester to test automation and performance testing engineer. Then to software engineer, tech lead and engineering manager. On that journey, I have witnessed and experimented with various approaches to the QA. In the end I found my happiness and zen in product organisation setup that has no formal QA at all. No QA role, no testers, no testing managers, no one particular responsible for the QA. Sounds a bit chaotic, right? That's how we do it at

But no worries, because in product engineering the day to day assurance of quality is actually extremely granular and goes way beyond software. I am keen to share our experience and learnings on:

  • How we measure the product quality. Because having no bugs in the application does not mean that product is of great quality.
  • How we track the quality of our product engineering teams, their deployments, releasing, pull requests, services etc.
  • Our methodologies for assessing the product impact of every move we make, every step we take. What we track about customer behavior. How we assess the price of our real and theoretical mistakes.
  • System design quality. Journey from monolith to microservice architecture.
  • Tough life of engineers when they have no testers to rely on. And how we empower them. 
  • Blameless postmortems. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The only sustainable no-QA org setup is probably all-QA
  • Quality in product engineering is very granural - data-driven approach helps to navigate
  • The system needs to be self-aware in terms of quality and test itself 24/7