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Ending Keynote: How Come Testers Are so Incredibly Successful

It was so mind puzzling how much of my daily life was not contributing to my success and I was just doing things regardless if they improved my life quality or not. It really bothered me. I was not really improving as a tester anymore and not my life either.

I started to use my testing mindset in my life deliberately and challenge it more and more. I found while testing my life I could pinpoint bugs in it and I could get to the root causes of how I was stuck. This in return made me a better tester and so has the loop continued.

Moving abroad with my family was one of the things I did. The experience of living in a different environment has made me realize the value of the testing mindset to a new extent.

I have experienced many controversial methods work out like zero bug policy or transition from developers' and testers' organization to dev ops model as more specific examples.

This story-filled keynote will take you through the personal examples of how I improved my life quality and how that relates to becoming better in the craftmanship of engineering.

Key takeaways:

  • How testing skills hugely improve life quality
  • The value of living abroad and how it contributes to success
  • Key experiences changing from a tester and a developer organization to dev ops and how zero bug policy has helped greatly