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KEYNOTE: Building Smart and Reliable Self-Driving Robots

Starship Technologies is building a fleet of autonomous robots designed to deliver goods locally in 15-30 minutes within a 2-3 mile radius. Currently, our robots are on the streets of 7 cities across 4 countries delivering packages, groceries and food. Starship wants to revolutionise the way goods are shipped and received, making it more efficient, cost effective and convenient for businesses and consumers.

There are many challenges in our operation that I'm not sure where to start! The robots must be really smart and solve problems in a vast number of situations, but they must also be reliable. The robot hardware must be well tested but we're also wanting to change, improve and replace parts as often as possible. We constantly test the entire robot ecosystem but something is always changing and the robot has so many programs communicating with each other in an asynchronous way, it becomes very difficult to construct the tests. I will discuss the complexities, benefits and challenges of this very exciting R&D operation bringing new hardware and software into public spaces for the first time in the world.