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KEYNOTE: Creating Yourself as a Tester - Make Your Own Testing Path

We are not born testers. We become testers. Some of us become testers by circumstance, we "just stumble into it". Some of us choose the path of a tester. In both instances we then make choices to determine if, and when, we improve as testers. Everything we do in the name of 'testing' shapes us as a tester. By our every day actions we create ourselves as testers. And its important that we recognize this because we have to take responsibility for our own test approaches. Similarly we have to take responsibility for making ourselves better testers. 

In this talk Alan will describe the dark times before he recognized his own responsibility, when he allowed circumstance to control his testing path, and the steps he has taken to improve his testing skills and make his own testing path, in the hope that you will be able to add some of those techniques to your own self improvement regime.