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KEYNOTE: Enjoy the Ride!

We are tech people. We understand apps, we understand gadgets. Some of us even understand what the cloud is and why it works or does not work. We get it.

But have you seen any actual users? The ones we, the industry, make this stuff for? Think about them for a second. These people had just about got used to the computers, Microsoft Office and printers that didn’t eat their sheets of paper anymore when everything changed again.

Now it’s about the cloud, collaboration, mobile devices, apps and so on. On the one hand, life can now be so much easier for an average user. On the other hand, however, they now have 10 different chat apps on their phones. And this is just one example.

In my keynote, I will talk about what I think is broken for users in tech and how these things should be fixed. A million small things. I will then move on to highlight bigger things and upcoming changes that will shape the lives of both tech people and users in the coming years: the continuing shift to mobility and new devices, the explosion in the number of internet users and the question, what is a computer and what it is supposed to do.

Everything is going to change, again. You’ve probably heard it from guys in suits for a million times but it’s actually true. I will explain. And I will not be wearing a suit.