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OPENING KEYNOTE: Machine Learning from System Quality Perspective

Machine learning systems are among the most complex ones out there. For now, machine learning and data science become a must when a company grows big enough. But with time, it gets adopted in ever more places, big and small. Is it the future? Most probably. For us, at Bolt, it's present. We have grown in 5 years to become a global ride-hailing company operating in tens of countries, with millions of monthly rides. How to handle and optimize everything that's going on? Data science and machine learning was the answer. But creating some models and algorithms is just the first part of the adventure. Each call to this 'artificial intelligence' returns results to some real person in the world, so the quality must be top-notch. And this field is young, the technology changes blazingly fast and there are few established QA practices for it. Solving quality challenges at scale is not easy, but it's rewarding. And fun too.

Machine learning is the cherry on the cake of our technology. I will tell you a story of how we grew as a company, team and an intermix of ever more complex systems.

Key takeaways:

  • If you don't intend to have machine learning in your organization, you might feel happy.
  • But if you do want it, you will be prepared, and happy too.
  • And if you never gave it a thought, you might want to try it out!