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Opening Keynote: Why Should Exploratory Testing Even Be the Subject of a Keynote?

Exploratory testing isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for ages, it’s a generally well-known approach, and its details have been well described. So why on earth could it be the subject of a keynote?

Because we are, as an industry, still not doing enough to understand, teach and promote the power of exploratory testing. We use it and talk about it (some more confidently and effectively than others), but we are – ironically – often only scratching the surface.

In this keynote, it is my aim to rejuvenate your interest and passion for doing and teaching exploratory testing. I’ll look at why it’s so powerful and necessary, and why it could be our savior in the future. Through stories, examples and new names for things that we’ve called “intuition” for too long, I’ll get you thinking about how you can explore your exploration more – to deliver teams and projects the valuable information they need.