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Testing RESTful Web Services

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Web service based software architecture is becoming more and more popular as a choice for applications and this poses new and interesting challenges and opportunities for Testers. Testing Web services training gives attendees the knowledge to rapidly learn and test web services in both an exploratory and automated capacity.

The tutorial is interactive using bespoke services built specifically for the workshop that give participants the chance to try out the skills they are being taught in a safe and relevant environment.

In addition to the primary goal of the training the tutorial gives attendees knowledge of a building block of the Web, that can be leveraged for both exploratory and automated testing.

Part 1: Understanding and testing RESTful Web services (Morning)

Understanding and testing Web services is the first part of the tutorial that guides participants through the fundamentals of what makes a Web service and how to build requests to query and manipulate data from a web service. The attendees will learn key skills through testing a bespoke web service, learning how the service and requests work, and discovering and reporting bugs.

Key Topics:

  • What is a Web service?
  • How to build requests to query and manipulate data from a Web service
  • Test design techniques to consider when testing a Web service
  • What is REST and what makes a Web service RESTful?


Part 2: Exploring and modelling web services

For the second part of the tutorial we provide participants an opportunity to learn how to explore a platform containing multiple Web services, build a model of how the platform works and the use that knowledge to build a series of automated checks. We will look at different tools and sources of information we can leverage in our exploring before discussing we should use using models to build up a picture of how we can generate our test ideas. Finally, participants will learn how to automate their tests, even if they have little or no coding experience.

Key Topics:

  • Tools we can use to explore a Web service platform
  • Sources of information we can use in exploration
  • How to model an application from a backend perspective
  • Designing a test suite based on your application model
  • How to automate your test suite using current toolsets



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