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Java for Testers

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Improve your programming skills for all phases of software development. Testers without any technical knowledge are welcome to join. This training is based on the popular programming book 'Java For Testers'.

You will benefit from this training if:

  • you want to know the basic programming skills required when automating during your test process


After completing the 1-day training, you will understand:

  • how coding fits in the test process,
  • Java concepts,
  • understanding maven,
  • automating at different technical levels,
  • Java concepts (interfaces and inheritance, enums, annotations, dependency injection),
  • uses of a variety of Java libraries - e.g. Cucumber, RestAssured, WebDriver, etc.


You will have hands-on experience in:

  • JUnit Basics - constructing test code with @Test Assert, @Before and @After, etc.,
  • IntelliJ IDE to speed up your learning - viewing code, debugging: breakpoints,
  • Classes, Methods and Primitive wrapper classes,
  • conditionals and comparisons,
  • exceptions and errors,
  • operators,
  • statements and variables,
  • loops,
  • arrays and collections.


You will have the skills to:

  • use IntelliJ - reading and writing JUnit source code,
  • use maven - setting up Test Automation projects and using maven dependencies,
  • continue your learning in Java proactively for your projects
  • basic coding in Java to support automating your work


You will need to bring your laptop to this training. The following software needs to be installed on your laptop:

  • Maven
  • IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition, or Ultimate Edition)
  • Java SE Development Kit


Follow the instructions and video tutorials on to install on Mac or Windows.

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