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House of Cards - Software Testing Lessons from Frank Underwood

House of Cards is my favourite TV Show. It depicts the US politician Frank Underwood, and his struggle to gain power and influence in American politics. Now while it might not be immediately seen as a natural place to learn about software testing, it struck me that a lot of the ideas and comments made in the TV series can be directly transferred to our world of software testing.

Having gone through a bit more systematically I've found a whole series of great quotes from several of the characters in the show that I've set in a testing context and will present in a humorous way.

The short track should be lighthearted and entertaining, despite addressing some real testing principals that everyone should remember. Having seen the show is not a requirement, but might make it even more entertaining. And I'll keep it spoiler-free for those who haven't seen it.

Key takeaways:

Entertainment repetition of good practices in software testing, a different view on house of cards, and perhaps software testing.