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How to Give More Value to Business as a Tester

Testers are eager to find bugs! That is something we are so proud of. We can find even those bugs which nobody else can find. As testers we do not really concentrate on the value our bugs give to business. If bunch of bugs are closed with notification "Will not Fix", then it is kind of a sign that our work is not valued as much as we hope. 

In 15-minute track I will cover the topic how to find bugs which give value to business. How to find out the real value of business. How we can help to rise this value.

This topic is important because sometimes testers are not really valued. Testers are seen as expense and some project managers try to skip testing sometimes to avoid that expense (of course if they do this, they soon get to know that this was not a good idea). 


Key takeaways: 

After the track attendees will know:

  • How to find out what are the critical values of specific business
  • How to give more value as a tester
  • How to convince that testing is really needed