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A Story of a Tester Building His First Mobile App

Having a new idea may cause some sleepless nights for you, just like a newborn baby. What ideas are actually worth pursuing? How to begin developing the idea? How to transform an idea into a real solution that will make a difference? I faced these questions and even more challenges when I started building a mobile app TesterKey ( to boost testers’ productivity.

I will discuss the challenges of finding and developing an idea that makes an impact. It turns out that sometimes when you need a specific tool it is worth giving a go at trying to build one yourself. Coming from a tester’s background I will share my insights and experience from developing for mobile environment.


Key takeaways:

  • How to get inspiration for an awesome idea and what to do if you think you have found one
  • Simple steps based on my personal experience showing, how to get started with mobile app development
  • Quick overview of a useful tool for testing web and native applications on mobile devices