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10 Non-Obvious Tips to Testers

In this presentation I will share some of the many tips I’ve learned while training, coaching and mentoring testers from around the world. I call the presentation “10 not obvious tips” as I’ve tried to identify things most testers I’ve met do wrong, don’t know about or the things they can improve the most. The goal is to extract the key lessons from big topics and present them in a compact, straight forward way.


  1. Risk catalogs
  2. Quick tests
  3. Creating a test strategy is actually quite simple
  4. Practice test techniques
  5. Visualize, visualize and visualize
  6. Any relevant oracles exist outside your company
  7. Learning is part of the work
  8. Good testability in the product is half the work
  9. Focus on value
  10. Coaching developers doesn’t have to be complicated
  11. Dare to break rules (but don’t go behind the backs of people)
  12. Dare to speak up
  13. Explain your testing
  14. Semi-automation is great
  15. Having fun as a measurement of good testing


Key takeaways: 

Each of the tips above is a prepackaged takeaways and which ones are "key" will differ from participant to participant but the ones I will focus a little extra on will be

  1. Do check out test catalogs.
  2. Start to create test strategies, it's actually quite simple.
  3. There are so many oracles out there, using them will save you from so many "that's just your opinion" accusations