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Accessibility Assumptions and Arguments

There is a massive assumption in software development that accessibility = disability. I’ll dispel that myth with information, examples and practical tips of how our assumptions are potentially costing us, customers, making interactions harder and that the whole population has accessibility ‘issues’ with the applications we are building.

Key takeaways: 
Attendees will learn about accessibility assumptions, mostly false and how they cloud the small amount of attention we give it.That accessibility actually affects approx. 90%, yes 90% of all the ‘users’ who visit your site or use your app.Some common mistakes we make when designing sites and applications.

Arguments against accessibility and how you can counter them if you encounter them, and you shouldn't because considering accessibility is the right thing to do! Accessible to All Quadrants that put accessibility in a new light of inclusion looking at both readability, inclusive language, usability and compliance to the web content accessibility guidelines as only a part rather than the goal.

Why using inclusive design to ensure your site or app is accessible is the right thing to do, did I mention that?  Because it is!

Quite a few tips the attendees can take away and apply the next day to improve the reach and impact their sites and applications can make. The testing they can do immediately to help ask questions to improve their quality the very next day.