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A Chase of Incremental Improvement

When our ways of working make us feel distressed, we're inclined to hope for a quick, even radical, remedy. Missing relevant skills, we hire an expert over gradually teaching people who might be unwilling and unable. Having trouble with release quality and frequency, we turn to Agile and hope that magically improves the state of things.

For most of my career, I've personally lived by the principle of Every day is a learning opportunity, incrementally making me better. As years in the industry accrue, my principle has extended from individual development to helping organizations evolve. I don't believe in radical change, but in radical impact with small, incremental changes continuously. Getting a little better continuously helps you get a lot better over time, and the investment of being better grows interest.

In this talk, I will introduce change into a medium-sized organization one senior tester can bring in less than a year. The story to be told does not exist yet, as I've joined a new organization about a month ago. But instead of talking about past experiences, I will share an honest view into a recent experience. Experience from someone who has significant past experiences as a tester and believes that empirical evidence and collaboration are keys to successful software development. And empirical evidence sounds like a job for a tester. Recent matters, and future is where we're heading through continuous experimentation and learning.


Key takeaways: 

  • What Incremental Test Improvement looks like in timeframe of 9 months
  • What Experiments and approaches to introducing them I could try?
  • How to make good enough still better