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Design Thinking in a Nutshell

What is that strange animal called design thinking? Is it the new savior of IT or just a hype? You decide after listening to this introduction to how to successfully build things.

Design thinking is based on a few key principles:

1. In order to be able to create really good stuff we need to understand users and business deeply. There is a big difference between collecting requirements and building empathy!

2. We need to model and define our problems in a way that everybody understands. Our models need to be simple enough but still useful.

3. The first draft of anything is shit - Ernest Hemingway is supposed to have said. In order to find really good solutions to problems we need to experiment a lot. One draft is just simply not good enough!

4. We will make mistakes and we need to learn fast so we can quickly get of the bad route to failure. User testing - early, often and rapid is an incredibly effective way of getting on track.


Key takeaways: 

We fail to often. In order to succeed we need to:

1. Truly understand business and users by building empathy.

2. Modelling the user journey in a way that everyone is literally on the same page.

3. Understanding the need of lots of experimentation in order to find the best solution.

4. How to plan and execute really cheap, yet valuable, user testing.