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Partner track: Breaking the Myths About Testing Casino Games

When people think of computer games, most imagine an evening at home sitting on a couch holding a controller making polygons fight or shoot on their behalf on the TV screen, or maybe they imagine sitting on their computer playing an MMO with their friends, laughing over voice comms. Coincidentally there are far more different computer games than just triple a titles and an ever growing avalanche of indie creations. Casino games are one such type. I think I don’t have to explain how irate you can get when you find an issue when you gleefully spend your time with your game of choice and sometimes you have to spend your time solving an issue that somehow got in the way of your “me“time.

When people think of computer games, most of them who are not in the industry or are as far removed from game development as they can be, have no idea how the games are being tested. When I was taking my first steps in Quality Assurance, I was one of those people. Being privvy to spending my time playing computer games of all shapes and sizes I was under the impression that game testing is nothing more than a room full of people replaying the game over and over, over and over, until they iron out all the quirks and inaccuracies. Naturally this is not the case, but after about 12 years of being involved in different types of software testing and a plethora of interviews for my current job, I see that there are still people think, that testing games is literally just sitting around doing playtests all day.

I would like to aim this talk towards newcomers to the industry or people who want to switch  their current jobs to game development to show that testing games be it regular video games or casino games, is a just as important and serious as testing communication software or banking software. To show that it involves all principles and methodologies of testing that can be applied everything else, but that it’s also a fun and engaging activity with its own perks.