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Pros of Proactive Ios App Profiling as a QA Pro

Imagine an application that suits you perfectly, but makes your phone literally a hot potato. Or, another case - in the middle of the day you find out that battery is critically low, though it was fully charged just a few hours before. Trying to find out the reason - you spot the app that was folded, however continued to actively exchange data with the server. I bet that as a user you will be irritated with either of the options.

I believe that QA engineer must care about all app characteristics that are crucial for the users and could do much more than just tapping the device screen and exploring how the UI responds.

So, let’s take an iOS app, xCode with Instruments and see which information could be retrieved. Energy log, Time Profiler, Activity Monitor… all these items might sound messy for the first time, but let me show you how beneficial their use could be for the testing and for the quality of the product. Also I'll show how we created & adjusted tools that help us in some of the specific checks.

After that let’s also discuss how we could cooperate with the developers in such investigations. That’s important as only together we could find out the root causes, but not the symptoms only.

Key takeaways:

  • We will learn what could irritate user and how an app lives on the user device 
  • We will explore how to collaborate with the developer and help them 
  • We will understand some of the developers’ pains