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A QA’s Role in a Devops World – Quality Initiatives in the Devops Tool Chain

There is a lot of talk about DevOps and the death of testing (again). The role of the tester might change with the faster and heavily automated approach to development and operations but the need for testers still exists. The presentation is based on actual experiences and will de-mystify the planning and execution of the quality work within a DevOps organization.

I will cover how you can identify QA initiatives along the DevOps tool chain and provide an easily adaptable five step model to plan and implement these initiatives as boundaries of job responsibilities between developers and testers become blurred.

Among other things this presentation will touch on the pros and cons of automated checks vs. manual tests and testing vs. monitoring, guarded commits, non-functional requirements, roll-back processes, up & down stream dependencies, quality coaching, A-B testing and full circle testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips on how to identify quality initiatives in a DevOp tool chain
  • A real-life model for applying test strategies
  • An understanding of the changing role of a tester