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Red Teaming on Production


We are all familiar with the notion of penetration testing, where security experts will try to find all of the vulnerabilities present within a small surface area, such as a public facing web application. This narrow-scope approach to security testing is of course necessary. But real hackers often do not care to attack such hardened targets, and will instead leverage social engineering and other techniques, which are harder to defend against and can yield a greater payoff.

Introducing Red Teaming

Red Teaming is real adversary simulation, where the “hired guns” will try to get to your crown jewels by almost any means necessary, including social engineering and physical intrusions. A Red Team does not attempt to find every vulnerability that you have, but rather “the path of least resistance” to your company’s most treasured assets. In summary, Red Teaming is the experience of “really getting hacked”, but without the inflicted damage.

The key question that needs answering is how does one execute Red Teaming on a production environment safely.  Come and hear “Tales from the Trenches: Red Teaming on production” to find the answer.

Key Takeaways

When we are done you will understand what it means to do Red Teaming on a production environment, what are the advantages over classical penetration testing, and what red teaming can not replace. Most importantly, you will understand why this is the future!