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Test Automation in Python

Here Kyle provides a look at test automation in Python. Python is continuing to show strong growth in general language adoption and jobs markets. Python’s urge for simplicity and pragmatism has brought about a vibrant and supportive community, making for a powerful language with a shallow learning curve. It’s an excellent language for test tooling and Kyle hopes to give you a simple overview to allow you to build a practical, maintainable and scalable test infrastructure for your client facing and systems level integration test needs.

Kyle will give you an overview of Pytest, a simple open source test framework, which contains very powerful features to help you construct concise tests quickly. He will also show you the rough design structure implemented at FanDuel, the leading daily fantasy sports company in the US and Canada, that aims to foster stability, ease of use and ease of contribution.

Even if you currently have a solution for your project or organisation, Kyle hopes you will have takeaways from the approaches above and wise tokens of hard lessons learned in test automation efforts.


Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of what Python and Pytest has to offer for test automation/tooling needs.
  • An insight into dependency injection as a means of test setup and teardown as a test automation design structure and the advantages/disadvantages of this structure.
  • Wise tokens of hard lessons learned in test automation efforts.