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Using Versatile Power-Tools for Testing Embedded Systems Efficiently

The investment of project time and money into buying and learning advanced systems for testing an embedded system with mechatronics, can often discourage teams from trying to automate with the use of mechanics, sensors, switches or other hardware. In recent years, simple platforms, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, have emerged and proven to be both easy to use, fast to develop on and very versatile. I will talk about how using such low-investment and recyclable tools, makes it easier and faster to set up new tests, to adapt your new tests to what your testing discovers, and worry less about critique over your expenses on unused equipment.


Key takeaways: 

  • What you can do with equipment for less than €100, or even €50
  • How to get started with Arduino
  • How you can use Arduino to test better and more
  • How quick and easy it is to change a test setup