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Utilizing Component Testing for Ultra Fast Builds

A best practice of software architecture is to design your applications into independent modules or components, with a published contract for interaction between components. This is a principal of the popular microservice style architecture, but also it applies to components created in a large monolith or with the out of the box patterns that front end libraries promote.

If we are able to test the functionality of the component independently, and apply a level of trust that those components work, this opens the door to rethinking, Continuous integration and Continuous delivery strategy, potentially reducing the need for long test suites and many environments. It will also cause a rethinking of how to unit testing strategy and the test pyramid.

In this talk Tim Cochran, will talk through the different kinds of component testing, show working examples and advice when to apply them. He will also cover what this might mean for your organization's broader testing strategy.

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn about component testing strategy
  • Worked examples of testing front-end and back-end components
  • Adjusting your CI/CD pipelines to take advantage