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From Zero to Test! in 10 Minutes. Don’t Let Your Test Infrastructure Be Your Bottleneck. A Practical Report How We Avoided It.

It does not matter, if you work in a waterfall or agile working environment, at one point the focus of continuous improvement (you do improvements, right?) becomes your test infrastructure. It needs to grow, evolve and scale with you, otherwise it will slow you down and become a bottleneck.

I had the opportunity to observe and participate over three years how a company changed their test infrastructure in terms of overarching concept and underlying technology base.

In this talk I focus on “test data” and “test environments” as two enablers in an agile working culture. Let me tell you, how a company of over 25+ agile teams used a mix of central control & guidance and team autonomy & freedom to establish a fast and reliable infrastructure for every team member.

If you want to know, how you could get “From Zero to Test! in 10 Minutes”, visit this report from the trenches.

Key takeaways: 

  1. Why and how to structure your test data
  2. Why and how to structure your test environment
  3. Get insight in a practical approach which works for multiple teams
  4. Get an overview how a central change process can co-exist with team autonomy
  5. Learn from a real-world example with more than 30+ teams who uses this approach
  6. Learn which departments/skills should be involved to get an efficient setup