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Exploratory Testing

This one day tutorial is for both testers and developers wanting to perform Exploratory Testing as part of their approach to software testing. It teaches exploratory testing and how to apply it in a systematic and deliberate way. Learn how it use it to add depth to your testing by focusing on risk and understanding business value.

This class is experiential and contains practical exercises to help gain a basic exploratory testing skills.

The workshop will focus on the following aspects of Exploratory Testing:

  • Heuristics in Exploratory Testing
  • Models in Exploratory Testing
  • Exploratory Testing Strategy
  • Oracles & bug finding
  • Reporting to others


Key takeaways:

  • How to find bugs important bugs rapidly
  • How to find bugs without test cases
  • How to describe your testing to other people without using test case metrics



​​​This tutorial requires a laptop, please bring one.