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Selenium Testing from Scratch

This tutorial is aimed at getting you started with Selenium testing and goes through all the concepts from scratch, to get you from ‘no Selenium knowledge’ to ‘now i can test my site’. I will go over the following topics: setting up Selenium in your project, enabling browsers for testing on them, using CSS selectors to identify the WebElements you will use in your tests, and the actual page interactions. These include: reading page properties, interacting with the page, navigating through pages, working with Cookies, using waits for having reliable tests, just to name a few. The tutorial will focus on Selenium testing using Java and it will include testing on a real site, just as you would do in your day to day work.

Key takeaways:

  • Learning Selenium starting with the basics and covering a wide range of topics that testers need for doing their daily work
  • Setting up the browsers you want to test, according to your operating system and requirements
  • Using CSS selectors to identify the WebElements to use in your tests Page interactions: reading WebElement attributes, interacting with the page by clicking on items or typing in the fields
  • Reading, deleting or setting cookie values Navigating through site pages
  • Using WebDriverWaits to have reliable tests that wait for page events before doing anything else
  • Plus other bonus features
  • Participants will also receive the tutorial support documentation to take with them at home and practice some more