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Traditional Setup vs. Pairing vs. Mobbing - An Experiment for Testers and Developers

Having worked in software for over a decade we have come into contact with many ways of coding and testing. We have even given session on how pairing can improve productivity - and in many situations we believe it can indeed do that. But should testers and developers pair on things or should they be separated by the proverbial fence? What about working in large groups?

Where is the data?

This is where you come in. Be part of something revolutionary while learning new techniques and ways of working. In this workshop you will learn to work in 3 configurations: as a lone tester/developer, in pairs and in mobs. You will test, fix bugs and enhance a web application. We will compare your experiences and will try to draw conclusions about which configuration works best in which situation.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the basics of pairing
  • Learn the basics of mob programming/mob testing
  • Learn how to use Chrome Dev Tools to inspect the code and make code changes
  • How can we find bugs earlier than in the traditional/evil testing phase?
  • How can we collaborate in order to bridge the gap between developers and testers?
  • Learn which way of working might be suitable for what kind of task