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A Crash Course in Low Pressure Test Coaching

Coaching, at its heart, is just a conversation. For most of us it doesn’t feel like “just a conversation” though… but what if it did?

In this workshop we’ll start with an everyday conversation between you and a colleague, slowly turning that into a fully-fledged coaching session. The step is actually a lot smaller than many seem to think giving us plenty of time to also look into helpful coaching tricks and techniques tailored specifically for testing. Finally I’ll show you how you can turn that formal “coach me” request to the low pressure conversation we’re looking for.

Coaching should happen everywhere, without people feeling nervous or pressured. This is my attempt to make that happen!

Key takeaways:

  • Realization: Test coaching doesn’t have to be mysterious, scary or complicated
  • Practical tools you can use in any conversation to turn it into a quick coaching session
  • Actual experience of coaching another tester