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CSS Selectors: From Zero to Awesome

When writing Selenium tests, you need to identify the page elements by using some kind of selectors. XPATH, although much more complicated than CSS, seems to be preferred by many. Either because testers have tools that automatically extract them, or because they seem to clearly specify the path of the element.

In this workshop i will go over the benefits of using CSS instead of XPATH. I will show a ton of examples (with Java), from the easiest and simplest, to the most complex or even impossible. The purpose of the workshop is to get hands-on experience with identifying the CSS selectors for a wide range of cases, which will lead to you dropping XPATH altogether.

Key takeaways:

  • The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the concept of CSS selectors, and inspire them to use them (instead of Xpath selectors) in all their Selenium tests
  • The workshop focuses on identifying the CSS selectors, from the most basic and easy ones, to the most complex ones, and to use them as part of automated tests
  • This will be a technical workshop, with exercises that the participants can do on the stop, or they can follow as i do them. There will also be room for questions and exercises proposed by the participants