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De-Mystifying Mobile Application Testing - a Hands on Approach

Note: There are prerequisites for attending this workshop. Please see the prerequisites section.

As mobile devices, tools, operating systems, and web technologies rapidly evolve, testers must quickly adapt their thinking in this changing domain. Testers often struggle to find important vulnerabilities and bugs in mobile applications due to lack of guidance, experience, and the right resources. During my career in the mobile testing field, I've come across numerous bugs related to mobile native applications. Looking at these bugs, I started categorizing them, and have since come up with a mind map. This mind map helps to do a quick tour of your mobile application and find vulnerabilities as quickly as possible ( This could be used for doing smoke testing, acceptance testing or even production testing after your application is live on the different App stores. This session will give attendees hands-on experience by using these mobile testing approaches in real applications to get quick feedback.The different topics covered and format of the workshop would be as follows (There will be hands-on exercises in different sections of this workshop)

  • Basics of the mobile ecosystem 
  • Will quickly cover what are web, native and hybrid apps with live examples
  • Testing Approaches to get quick feedback on the mobile application 
  • Will cover the following testing approaches with exercises and screenshots of real life defects
  • Interrupt testing
  • Wi/Fi 4g switching
  • Testing end user scenarios
  • How to use logs and what kind of information we can get in both iOS/Android
  • Looking for Consistency
  • What are different types of keypads in mobile applications and how to identify these differences
  • How to do performance testing in iOS/Android
  • Why are User Reviews important and what kind of issues can be uncovered
  • Installation Testing
  • Battery Life/Storage
  • Will touch upon the following topics 
  • Mobile security
  • How to make apps smarter
  • Automation tools available for free
  • Will cover Appium framework on a high level
  • Show a demo of an app automated using Appium and how it works
  • De-mystifying Internet of Things
  • Cool things coming up in mobile and how it can impact our testing

Questions will be handled throughout the session in an interactive manner.

Pre-requisites for the workshop

  • Need to have one mobile device (iOS/Android)
  • Need to install Xcode if using mac 
  • Need to install Android Studio, IntelliJ or Eclipse for non-mac
  • Install SDK Platform Tools from this link -


NOTE: If you face problems, in any of the above setup steps, do not worry, as attendees will be in groups and can sit with people who have the above pre-requisites.