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Fractal Test Planning – Building Strategies in Context

We know that testing depends on context. We need to apply context also in our testing strategy, depending on where we are in the process – Are we in the beginning of the project, or towards the end? Are we testing for user experience, or functionality? Do we need automation at all, or maybe we’ve got so much automation, we’re already thinking on how to test our app on production servers?

The way we’re thinking strategically about tests is at the heart of this workshop. We’ll talk how to plan testing in different scales – from a “release”, to a feature, from stories to a micro-drop. We’ll discuss testing MVPs, the risks in the specific level, and testing in production. When our context changes, so does testing.

In the workshop, we’ll do planning exercises at the appropriate scale for the different stages, and discuss the differences and nuances we’re interested in. The discussion is collaborative and everyone brings their own experience – the best way to learn.

In the end, you’ll learn on how to choose the right resolution for testing, and pick the right strategy, level of reporting and focus in order to make the most of our already limited testing time.

Key takeaways: 

  • Making a test plan is about ROI, making use of limited time and resources
  • We should plan testing efforts in the context of where we are in the development process
  • The information we need to give based on our testing and its resolution also relies on where we are