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How to Build a Robust API Checking Framework

Note: There are prerequisites for attending this workshop. Please see the prerequisites section.

The rise of new architecture styles such as SaaS and microservices leads to an increase in popularity of API testing. With this, automating the API testing is a natural next step. Yet, how to manage this properly so that the benefits outweigh your general equivalent WebDriver solution in terms of ease and stability? Join this workshop to learn how to put together the basics of an API checking framework that is robust, easy to read, and eliminates the brittleness in your checks. The workshop covers making GET, POST and more advanced HTTP requests, setting custom request headers, easily building payloads and parsing responses, and tying all this together in scenario-based checks.

Key takeaways: 

Participants will learn:

  • How to build a framework that can execute a series of HTTP requests that can be asserted on
  • How to use DRY techniques when structuring the framework to build a framework that is robust and easy to maintain
  • How to execute complex scenarios that require multiple HTTP requests and sharing data across requests



There will be a voting done in the beginning of the session which will determine which language will be used in this workshop - Java or Javascript. Participants need to be prepared for both outcomes. So participants are required to bring a laptop with following setup done:

  • Java 8 / Maven
  • NodeJS