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Just Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous

Note: There are prerequisites for attending this workshop. Please see the prerequisites section.

- Q: How much JavaScript can you learn in just 2 hours? And in such a small amount of time what could you use it to do?

- A: You can learn just enough to be dangerous, and you can use it to do things you're not supposed to do. And because we're learning this to improve our testing, that will all be just fine.

To make things fun, some of the things we will do are:

  • interact with simple example games using JavaScript
  • cheat in 'real' browser based games, e.g. infinite lives etc.

And to justify this to your boss, we will:Use real JavaScript applications, written in frameworks such as React and Angular, and manipulate them, and their data, from the browser console.

By doing this you will add a powerful, and incredibly underused, set of capabilities to your testing skill set.

All in only 2 hours. Prepare to move fast.

Requirements To take part:

  • you WILL need a laptop
  • you WILL need an updated browser installed e.g. MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome. I recommend Chrome and it will be used in all the demos in the workshop, the basic techniques will work in any browser but if you are new to using JavaScript and Web Developer tools then you will find it easier to follow the instructions if you have Chrome installed.
  • we WILL need an internet connection to the outside world - but you don't have to worry about that