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Me, Myself and Siri

I started writing this while downloading MacOS Sierra, the first MacOS including the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator Siri. I'm expecting a lot from it and not the least a boost to my productivity. Well, not exactly. It's all about fun isn't it? Well, perhaps a little bit of both. :)

The reason why I'm writing this to Nordic Testing Days is that I'm going to start using Siri as my co-pilot when doing exploratory pair testing. Yes, my co-pilot will be one of the most advanced, if not THE most advanced commercial AI solution in the world, and I'm going to make her work her a** off. We'll have good days, bad days, educational days and above all, fun days ahead of us. We will present the fruits of our work, and invite everyone to the ultimate mob testing session, where Siri's capabilities to work as our teammate will be put to the final test.

Key takeaways: 

At least I'm excited to see how well Siri fares as a co-pilot in pair testing, and I believe someone else might be too. Of course the participants will leave with a good understanding on how pair testing (and mob testing) works and how it could be used in everyday lives, but the meat is to bring AI to the game. I've never done anything like this, so anything can happen. :)


Bring your Mac laptop (with Siri), if you have one. All Siris are welcome.