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Mobile Test Automation Using Cify Open-Source Framework


Prerequisites for attending the workshop: Attendees will need to bring their laptops with the following setup: 

  • Java 8 or higher
  • Appium (
  • IntelliJ IDEA (or similar IDE)
  • adb is installed (android-platform-tools)
  • Gradle
  • Xcode setup done - optional


Nowadays developing apps, or any other software, requires a smart testing approach. Because of that testers, test leads and any professionals in charge of a testing projects have to answers some basic questions before they start. What tools do use? How to automate on different platforms? What’s the smartest way to approach the project? Usually it means some form of compromise - changing a tool, framework or learning a different approach. What if it was possible not to make compromises, but instead use the skills and tools you know and love? 

It is.

FOB Solutions managed to run one test across simulators, emulators as well as android and iOSs devices using Cucumber and Cify open-source test automation framework. And now we are going to teach how to create cross-platform UI tests as well!

You can see a preview of what we will teach if you follow this webinar

Key takeaways:

Building cross platform test automation framework

  • More similar user flows on software built on different platforms
  • For underlying technologies we chose to use open source components:
    • Appium
    • Selenium
    • Cucumber
    • Groovy/Java
    • Gradle

Using cross platform test automation framework

  • Behaviour driven approach - building tests using cucumber
  • UI types/different screen sizes

Executing cucumber level tests on cross device-farm approach using SauceLabs example

  • Executing same tests on different device farms (saucelabs/test object)
  • Integrating cucumber with saucelabs/testobject