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Resilience Testing: Let the chaos begin!

Prerequisites for attending the workshop: Attendees need to bring their laptop with the following software installed in advance:

  • JDK 8 or newer
  • Virtual Box 6 


Nowadays we build applications via the microservice principles to make our applications easier to maintain, deploy, test and change. These microservices can easily be deployed on cloud platforms. Multiple microservices together form one application. But is that application resilient? What happens if one of the microservices fails? What happens if one microservice gets slower? 

So a resilient service: is a stable & reliable service, has high availability, and does not compromise the integrity of the service or the consistency of the data. But how to test this? 

That is what we will do during this workshop. Together with you we will test the resilience of a cloud application by creating chaos in the form of failures & disruptions, to see what happens to our application.

During this workshop we will tell you more about:

What is Resilience and how you test it; Microservices & Cloud platform; How to perform a load test; How to create chaos manually; How to create chaos automatically.

Key takeaways: 

  • Main statement: Resilience, Stress & Performance test your cloud environment!
  • Key learning 1: What is Resilience testing
  • Key learning 2: Executing your own Performance/Stress Tests
  • Key learning 3: Executing your own Resilience Tests
  • Key learning 4: Automated Resilience testing with Chaos Monkey