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Save Time: Use Selenium Grid

Prerequisites for attending the workshop:

The attendees have to bring their laptop with Docker, Java and Apache Maven installed.

We know Automation Test bring value to the Quality of our project, but the projects are every day get more complex. We, as QA Automation Engeeniers, have to embrace complexity. One basic step to get an Automation Test Suite which bring real value is to parallelize our tests and reduce x2, x5, x10 the duration of them. 

In this workshop, we will cover the theory behind Selenium Grid (How is working, what is a hub, what is a node) in the first part. In the second one, we will put hands-on and teach how to configure and connect the Nodes with the Hub. Last part of the workshop will cover how to connect a basic Automation Test Suite (which we will provide) to the Hub.

Key takeaways: 

  • Theory about Selenium Grid.
  • Configure and connect the Nodes whit the Hub.
  • Run the Hub and Nodes on Docker Images.
  • Setup a Test Suite to run on the Nodes.
  • Tips and tricks to avoid usual mistakes.