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Tinkering with Arduinos and Python

Note: There are prerequisites for attending this workshop. Please see the prerequisites section.

Do you think Arduinos seem pretty nifty? Ever wondered what they are capable of if you throw some Python into the mix? This workshop is a fun hands-on tinkering session where you will learn how to combine python code with Arduinos! Control motors and power switches from your GUI buttons, or get your automated sensor readings on a dashboard. Or create an API. Code templates to expand and modify, as well as all necessary hardware will be provided (but at least 1 in 3 should bring a laptop).

Key takeaways:

  • Getting up and running with the whole chain from sensors&switches to GUI and API
  • Several examples of practical applications which you are likely to come across
  • Code templates to easily get started with several types of solutions



  • Attendee will have to bring a laptop