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Unit Testing for Non-Coders

Prerequisite for attending the workshop: You will need a computer with the pre-done setup - please follow the preparation instructions from HERE.

Unit testing is a fundamental part of software development, providing fast feedback and driving the design of the code. Despite that, in many places it is considered to be a “developers only” domain. The commonly ignored truth is that testers can contribute to unit tests and get a lot of value in return - even if they don’t code.

In this workshop  we’ll learn how to approach unit tests, how to scope our focus and and use our testing expertise to make them better. We’ll practice reading unit tests like English and review them for missing or excessive parts as well as some tricks to quickly add some tests to an existing suite.

Not convinced yet? Come and see how unit tests are also a great tool for code-review, for improving your coding skills and you’ll be surprised by the amount of  bugs that can be found and dealt with earlier than ever, leaving everyone around with more productive time.

During the workshop the participants will be going over (java) code, reviewing unit tests to spot multiple types of issues both in the unit tests and in the application code through it and even add some tests of their own. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Strategy for reading unit tests
  • What can a (non-coding) tester contribute, and how?
  • Why care about unit tests if I’m not a coder