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A Keynote by Rob? Why Not Make It Two!

Radio silence on the news front is deceptive, mind you. Behind the scenes there is stuff happening and now it's time to start lifting the covers...

Nordic Testing Days 2015 will host not just one Rob doing a keynote but two of them. We are happy to announce that Rob Sabourin will be sharing his insights about value sync, and Rob Lambert will address why remaining relevant is important.

According to Rob Sabourin, value sync isn’t about just cutting down barriers of communication between project members but it is really finding out what matters to everyone involved, including the customer, and then looking at those values that are at cross-purpose and eliminating them. Sometimes someone is trying to get a value out of a project that another person is trying to put in and so we have to normalize that effort in order to be effective.

Robert’s talk will address values related to project development with case studies weaved into his keynote speech. Each case study has a twist, an unexpected lesson learned, that emphasizes the understanding for being on purpose.


Rob Lambert's keynote "Why Remaining Relevant Is So Important" will revolve around the changes in the software industry that also affect testers. What to do, how to face the changes, how to actively tackle the changes are just a few questions Rob will address. He'll get into the heart of how to remain relevant by discussing the cases of three test leaders in the community. Eventually, you'll get ideas and inspiration for your own testing career ready to take it forward.