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Martin Tiitmaa

Martin has steadily but surely moved from soft side of things to deep into IT. Starting out as political sciences student, he moved to work as Tech Support Specialist, where bugs had already made it to production. After that he worked as Technical Account Manager, connecting non-technical people with developers and vice versa and offering first level technical assistance to Europe’s major brands 24/7. After 5 years of handling the consequences of bugs, he decided to become a tester to stop disasters before they happen.

What he lacks in technical and testing knowledge he make sup with 6 years of gambling industry experience, 13 years of finding “bugs” in other people’s arguments as a competitive debater and the research skills of a social scientist. As constant self-improver he tries to study as much about testing as he can while using “outsiders” perspective and out of the box ideas from other areas of life to improve quality and testing in general.