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Nordic Testing Days 2019 Call for Papers is open!

Testing is finding new information about a product. Almost like magic - making a light out of nothing to guide us in the darkness. But we all know it is not magic, it is hard work. It is crafting tools and frameworks to help us. It is making relevant information appear regardless of the resource and time pressure. It is doing trainings and workshop to help your colleagues becoming better.

There are plenty of testers who make this magic happen, who create, make, do and craft.

If you are a creator of things, maker of awesomeness, crafter of great testing, then Nordic Testing Days invites you to do something about it and take the stage in Tallinn, roll up the sleeves, and show how it’s done and how to get it done!
The call for papers is open until November 18, 2018 and the conference takes place May 29  - 31, 2019.

You can submit your paper from here!

You need to register as a user before or use the credentials from last year.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for talks that make people go “Eureka!”. Talks that give at least three ideas which can be used and implemented back at work. Talks that engage people in deep discussions that last long into the evening. 

Feedback from previous years shows that attendees are keen on hands-on and technical topics.

We are searching for workshops, where your laptop is put to more use than showing the slides, where you need to test, program or write a test strategy. Workshops must be practical and make participants use their heads and their hands.

Please note that we’re not only looking for testers to come and share their experience reports and inspiration, but also developers, UX specialists, (business) analysts, product owners and others who feel that they have something to contribute to the testing community. We welcome diversity of viewpoints so that interesting things can arise from conferring and conversations.

Topics of interest

Based on the feedback, our participants would like to hear more on these topics below.

  • Testing in devops
  • Security testing
  • Automation
  • Mobile testing
  • Testing in automotive / IoT
  • Test management
  • Agile practices
  • Solving (testing) problems


Conference overview

Nordic Testing Days 2019 will be a 3 day event: day 1 is for tutorials, days 2 and 3 are filled with talks and workshops. 

Track talks 

Track slot in schedule is 30 minutes in length. 1 minute for introduction, 24 minutes for talk, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. 

Workshops are 2 hours (or 3 - 4 hours upon request) in length with a short break in between (if needed). We expect at least half of the workshop time to be taken up by practical exercises and the rest of the time to be spent on explaining, discussing and expanding on the practical stuff. Keep in mind that previously there have been around 40-50 participants at the workshops. If you have specific limits to how many people can attend, please include it in your proposal. We may not be able to have complete control over the number of participants in the room, so please plan accordingly. Please be prepared that we may ask you to run your workshop 2 times during the conference since workshops have always been extremely popular.

Tutorials are meant to be full-day tutorials with breaks and a lunch in between. We expect tutorials to be filled with plenty of hands-on activities and opportunities to dig deep, learn new skills and/or tools.

Requirements for proposals

The Abstract
The abstract should explain why your topic is relevant and what will be covered during the talk/workshop/tutorial. In case of workshop and/or tutorial, describe how you want to carry out the workshop and what kind of practical activities can be expected.

Key Takeaways
List three most important takeaways you expect the attendees to walk away with (which will also convince them to attend your talk, workshop or tutorial in the first place). 

Difficulty Level
Speakers assign a difficulty level to their talk or workshop in order to make it easier for attendees to decide if the talk or workshop was appropriate for them. In no way do we discourage people to take a “deep dive” workshop in something they never heard of. We’re trying to address the problem of having both new and experienced crowd at the conference. We are very much looking for deep dive talks, workshops and tutorials!
We encourage you to consider deep dive talks and workshops since this is what Nordic Testing Days attendees have shown most interest in.

Explanation of the levels:

  • Getting your toes wet - suitable for beginners and people with no prior experience with the topic; basic concepts covered, explained, evolved.
  • Like a fish in the sea - speaker expects folks to be familiar with the concepts covered in the talk or workshop and/or have a specific set of skills, and the ability to discuss and apply them; speaker can state more explicit expectations as well.
  • Deep dive - assumes extensive experience, skills and knowledge about the concepts; speaker is welcome to state more explicitly what is needed.


If you already know that you need some kind of special arrangements (like soundproof room, specific equipment to be set up) or there are any other limitations related to your presentation, please mention them, too.

For workshops, please describe in general which setup or pre-requisites will be required from participants. Please keep in mind that a lengthy pre-setup decreases interest of the workshop.


Selection process

Here’s what you need to know about the process:

  • The content team will review your proposal and evaluate it on its own merit and also in the context of other proposals.
  • The content team will review recordings of your talk (can be other than the one you proposed) if you have provided them. 
  • If your proposal has passed initial round of reviews, a member of the content team contacts you to set up a 10-15 minute Skype video call. The goal of the call is to discuss your proposal, ask and answer any clarifying questions we or you may have.



The conference organizers cover travel costs for speakers  up to 350€ (500€ for intercontinental flights). Tutorial and keynote speakers will also have travel costs and fees individually arranged and paid by the organizers.
The preferred method of remuneration is an invoice from the speaker. Other options are available and need to be negotiated individually.

The conference organizers will provide accommodation at the conference hotel for all speakers as follows:

  • Tutorials - 3 nights at the conference hotel.
  • All others - 2 nights at the conference hotel.
  • Accommodation includes breakfast.


Access to conference

  • Speakers who deliver tutorials will get free access to 2nd and 3rd conference days.
  • Speakers who deliver workshops and short and/or long talks will get a free ticket to the 2nd and 3rd conference days (excluding tutorials to which they can buy a ticket).


Speakers will also be invited to an awesome speakers' dinner!

Timeline of Deadlines

  • November 18, 2018 - call for papers closed.
  • November - January - feedback about acceptance to conference acceptance
  • January 31, 2019 - proposal acceptance notifications are sent out.
  • February 04, 2019 - preliminary conference program announced.
  • February 25, 2019 - final conference program announced.
  • May 12, 2019 - conference presentations to be submitted.


The conference team is very much looking forward to your proposals! Please spread the word and come join us in Tallinn in May 2019!

You can submit your paper from here!

You need to register as a user before or use the credentials from last year.