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NTD2015 Program: It's All Yours

2014 was a great year for the Nordic Testing Days conference: our team grew and the conference grew to become bigger and better. So we're going to say "goodbye" to 2014 in style (BOOM! Fireworks!) and reveal the program for Nordic Testing Days 2015! 

4 keynotes (one remains a mystery one for the time being), 6 tutorials, 7 workshops, 22 track talks (19 long ones, 3 short ones), and... a testing circus! Check out the full schedule!

NTD2015 will be different from the previous Nordic Testing Days in several ways. Firstly, we have a circus in town. We're not sure we need to set up safety nets but you could consider brushing up on your rope walking and juggling skills before the conference.

There will be 6 tutorials to choose from at Nordic Testing Days 2015. Ranging from security to mobile and communication skills, we hope everyone can find a tutorial they like and that will help learn something new. New ideas, new skills are essential for becoming you-know-who (an agent of change, of course!).

Since there were so many great proposals, we have expanded the program from three to four tracks to accommodate the workshops and track talks. With 22 talks to choose from, we're pretty damn sure you can find something new and interesting for you. We also have quite a few first-time speakers or those who haven't spoken at NTD yet, so there shouldn't be a shortage of new faces to meet and talk to in the testing community.

If you look at the program carefully enough, you'll notice that on the final day of the conference there is a session with 3 short talks. Each talk is 20 minutes in length and will be followed by a 15-20 minute facilitated discussion. A format like this has been used at several conferences and we shall be testing it at Nordic Testing Days as well. We'll give you more details about how it will work once the conference is in sight. What you need to know now is that this will be sessions were a lot of discussion and healthy arguing is encouraged and wished for!

If you look at the program even more carefully, you'll notice that there will be lightning talks at the end of the first conference day (June 4). If you want to share a story or a concept in a couple of minutes time and have it discussed with all the awesome testing brains in attendance, then you need to sign up for the lightning talks. Signing up will happen at the conference (we'll just have a board put up for it). We encourage you to give it a try if you've been thinking about speaking at a conference. You can give a speech in a friendly atmosphere (and it's not that long!) and get your 15 minutes of fame at Nordic Testing Days :)

We truly hope you enjoy the program and come to Tallinn to learn, to experience new things, and take another step on your journey!