Call for Papers is open – until 16th of January

Last two years have turned a lot of businesses to online and remote mode. We can’t meet and do business as usual. Now everything needs to be online and remote capable. That has driven a huge surge in need for digitalization and new solutions. In turn this has led to swelling IT departments and a lot of new product launches. More and more acute has become the need for good engineers, good practices of software development and testing. We need to do more with less. How can we do that in quality assurance? Is it more automation? Is it more non-IT people getting into testing? Is it something else? Help us find out what we can do and come share your ideas in Nordic Testing Days 2022!

The call for papers is open until January 16, 2022 and the conference takes place June 1 – 3 2022. We expect the speaker to be onsite. 

You can find more details on the dedicated page

Watch it again

First of all thank you for showing up and making it worth your while to participate. Our first online event did present it’s challenges (bandwidth, anyone?), but all-in-all things worked out and we hope you enjoyed the show. It was a first for all the moderators and some presenters, but that should not lower our standards 😉

Watch it here

We apologise again for the reduced stream quality of the first keynote presentation. Looks like our studio suffered a workday start bandwidth crunch that did not show in testing. Lot’s of poking around and the issue simply resolved itself. We still don’t know what happened – it’s one of these incidents. Hopefully we can restore somewhat better quality from our studio recording.

Our production team is working tirelessly to cut (and hopefully not paste) the streams into chunks presenter-by-presenter. It’ll take it’s time, 1.6 Terabytes of video needs some tender love and care. Until then you can watch the presentations you loved again or the ones you missed room-by-room. Just log in again on Worksup and enjoy! Beware, some scroll and seek will be needed, but we know that you’re up to it.

Hope you have marked your calendars for next year. June 1-3, 2022. Onsite. Real people. Party. Games. The whole shebang.