Nordic Testing Days – time to log on!

Nordic Testing Days starts on Friday at 9AM EEST!

You can log in at

Enter your e-mail that was used in registration (if you’re not sure then look at the receiver of message you’re reading) and then you’ll receive a secret code for login in your e-mail inbox. Enter the code and voila! – you should be in! If you have trouble logging on, then contact Our registration angels are also on high alert.

You can hop between rooms as you would in a normal conference, browse the agenda and submit questions (look for the Q&A button next to the session). The moderators (Question Assurance, remember?) will ask the questions from the speakers. The sessions will be live, so you’ll get reactions and can top up the questions with additional ones!

We also have partners that have their own expo area – have fun browsing around. NTD2021 is supported by

and streamed live from

We’re looking to put on a good show and are eagerly waiting for you to tune in. Grab some coffee, snacks and enjoy the day!

Nordic Testing Days – digital on June 4th 2021

This is deja vu – the virus situation in Estonia leaves us currently no other choice but to move forward with Nordic Testing Days in a web-conference setup. Even if the lockdown restrictions would be lifted, many of the speakers and participants will not be able to travel on such short notice and unpredictable development of lockdown.

The content team has prepared crisp and focused one-day program with parallel tracks. The schedule will be up shortly.

Having a web conference does not need to be a boring day in front of TV. We’re planning on providing ways for you to interact during the talks. We’re in process of selecting the best vendor to provide the experience that is worth the NTD that you’re used to. I’m sorry that probably we’ll have to skip the party, though.

Last year’s tickets will be valid both for the web conference this year and Nordic Testing Days 2022 according to the purchased package. We appreciate your patience and loyalty. Having this year’s web conference for free is one way we can at least try to make up for not being able to join us in the flesh.

Nordic Testing Days 2022 will happen on 1-3 June, 2022. We will remain optimistic – see you there as well! Until then, let’s meet up on the web on June 4th for the digital edition.

Nordic Testing Days 2021 – yes, we can

Nordic Testing Days will happen on June 4th in Tallinn, Estonia.

After having to postpone last year’s event due to the virus we have now come to crossroads again this year. There’s light at the end of the tunnel with vaccination, but it is yet too early to anticipate how fast we will get back to “normal”.

We asked you what kind of conference do you want – on-site or virtual. Two thirds of respondents answered that they’d prefer on-site. We get it – after sucking in information through a content-heavy and inspirational day it’s nice to kick back, share what you’ve learned and simply socialize. And this is the way of Nordic Testing Days – good content and good atmosphere to interact.

With our hard-working team of volunteer conference organizers we decided that we’ll get this year’s event done no matter what. Plan A is to do a full-scale event with on-site participation. For those who cannot come over due to travel restrictions, vaccination delays or simply being afraid of the virus, we’ll provide video streaming from as many tracks as it is possible. We are aware of the possible limitations, but let’s take them as challenges to be met instead! We’re currently working through options how to make the event interactive even for participants who can enjoy the event from the safety of their homes.

The venue, Kultuurikatel, is roomy and can provide the necessary space to distribute the amount of people. And we can “borrow” some extra room from outdoors. By and large, we remain optimistic and hope that we can arrange a useful event where participants can learn and take home valuable and applicable knowledge.

Nordic Testing Days will happen on June 4th in Tallinn, Estonia. And we’re really looking forward to seeing you in person or over the video.

Nordic Testing Days postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19

Estonian government has initiated a nationwide ban for any international events going forward. Some speakers are not able to attend as well, making a digital conference impossible. As further countries continue to be locked down then we have no choice but to postpone the event to June 2-4 2021.

The 2020 tickets will be valid for 2021. If you wish to send a substitute, it will be possible. Please contact Nordic Testing Days registration for any other enquiries.

We’re really sorry that we’re not able to welcome you to Tallinn this year, but tough times require tough measures! Stay strong and healthy!

Schedule is Live

Good news everyone!

We know that you have eagerly waited for the schedule to be published. Thank you for your patience! And the schedule is now live and can be found under Program.