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Raimond Sinivee

Raimond was one of the founders and initial main organizers of Nordic Testing Days back in 2012. He feels honored to back as a keynote speaker. Raimond has worked as software engineer for 14 years. He started as tester in Estonian biggest telco and got hooked on testing tooling right from the start. He progressed to Skype as a Quality Engineer and worked on web-based communication solutions like Facebook Video calling. He moved to California with Skype as Android app tester and became software engineer at that team later. His current role is on Skype For Business team and he has worked on its Android, iOS, web and Windows clients as a full stack engineer. He is a practitioner of lifelong learning, doing things in the way they make sense currently vs. just how things have been done. He has done musicals without knowing how to sing and been on a ballet stage in California for in front of about 14 000 viewers.